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Website Class


BG Promotions, Inc. is a marketing consulting agency that provides clients with a variety of services, including digital marketing, website design, SEO and print media. We specialize in helping small businesses get their message out to the right audience. What sets us apart from the competition is our website class, which teaches people how to build a website on the WIX platform. We believe that empowering people to build their own website is a great way to help individuals and businesses grow. Join us today and learn how to create your own website.

Great Value

1 Hr Website Class



Learn the back office of your website and how to run it.

Valid until canceled

How to Log in and out of the website.

Learn where Account Settings are.

Understand each page of the drop down menu.

Navigate through the Editor to Learn Website Changes

How to download and operate WIX App

Learn the Law on Website GDPR Compliancy

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