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About BG Promotions, Inc.

Over 20+ years of combined design, digital & content experience

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The Coach McCoy


I am a seasoned Digital Media and Marketing Influencer, adept Content Creator, and experienced freelance photographer and videographer with a remarkable 25+ years of service in the Atlanta region. What began as a photographic passion in 1997 has blossomed into a pursuit of capturing candid moments that evoke lasting emotions and memories.


As the founder of BG Promotions, Inc., established in 2009 and officially registered with the State of Georgia, I specialize in consulting, marketing, and promoting brands, products, and services for diverse business owners. My journey through evolving digital landscapes has transformed me into an industry expert, constantly updating my expertise to stay abreast of the dynamic changes in technology.


My commitment extends beyond conventional services; I now offer marketing consulting to equip clients with comprehensive insights, resources, and innovative strategies to effectively showcase their ideals, specializing in video marketing. Through coaching and guidance, I lead our clients toward a pathway of triumph.


A unique facet of my persona lies in my inherent "Gift of Gab," fostering connections and meaningful interactions. With unwavering passion, I consistently transcend expectations to ensure the success of my clients. My mission revolves around empowering others to amplify their innate talents, ultimately propelling them toward unparalleled accomplishments.

We are coaching our clients to SUCCESS!

Allow me to Help You, Help Me, Help You, Live your Best Life Now, quoted by my Life Influencer, Tisa Edge! #illDrink2That

Now, Lets Get Acquainted!



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