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Prophetess Momma Flo Inspirational Vitamins For The Soul

 Author:  Flossie McCoy Perry

An Anointed Book
of 386 pages

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Prophetess Momma Flo Inspirational Vitamins for the Soul provides 12 months of daily Vitamins for the soul through personal experiences, which will place you on a path to mental wellness wholeness, emotionally controlled stresses, losses, and rejection, all through spiritual prophetic directions. You will gain new momentum, experience healing and the purification process, and eliminate unwanted baggage while learning the importance of staying focused. You will experience victories!

As you read, feel uplifted, free, encouraged, content, and peaceful. Know that the Lord is talking directly to you!


Enjoy those moments when you feel sparks of excitement and unspeakable joy!


After reading your daily devotional vitamin, repeat these words, “I will conquer all!"

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