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SuperMix Maximum Nutrition Facts

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

SuperMix Maximum Nutrition Facts

What is SuperMix?

SuperMix™ is a delicious, convenient powdered beverage mix that can be added to water for a daily serving of moringa’s benefits. SuperMix utilizes the amazingly nutrient-dense botanical ingredient Moringa oleifera to deliver a powerful source of plant-based nutrition.

Who can enjoy SuperMix?

SuperMix is a nutritious addition for anyone ages 4 and older.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding. Should I consume SuperMix?

While moringa is widely enjoyed as a nutritious food throughout the world, it’s always recommended to consult with your doctor about your dietary supplement use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

How is SuperMix sweetened?

SuperMix is naturally sweetened with a blend of pure cane sugar and stevia extract.

What does SuperMix taste like?

SuperMix is naturally flavored with compounds found in pineapple and mango for a light, fruity taste.

Does SuperMix contain any stimulants? No, SuperMix does not contain caffeine or other stimulant ingredients.

Is SuperMix Cleanse Day approved?

Yes! SuperMix can be added to any Cleanse Day and has a value of 2 Cleanse Credits per serving when using the Cleanse Day Tracker.

Can I use SuperMix in recipes when cooking or baking?

Because moringa is heat–stable, SuperMix can be added to your favorite recipes for a boost of plant-based nutrition. Blend it into a smoothie, or stir it into beverages and foods.

Bible Miracle Tree: healing with Moringa

Moringa is the ancient and Biblical “Tree of Life” described in the Bible Book of Exodus 15:20-25. Its seeds are still used around the World to purify water as Moses did at Mt. Sinai.

The power of the Biblical Miracle Tree is confirmed by modern science. For example, Dr. Oz said Moringa Tea: “The leaves of the Moringa Oleifera tree are extremely nutrient-dense. They contain three times more iron than spinach and are loaded with tons of other vitamins including vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, and potassium, as well as powerful antioxidants”.

Moringa helps you to balance your food intake, maximize your energies and detox. You will also discover the overall well-being benefits of Moringa Oleifera. To purify water. To cook tasty meals. And more pointers to manage your weight and maximize your happiness and well-being in life!

In this book, we provide you the results of our extensive research about Moringa Oleifera. But we do not ask you to believe the information we found . Instead, we provide you the tools to make your own research if you so desire. Not on unknown sites, but in scientific, peer-reviewed journals.

Moringa Oleifera is believed to be the most useful tree in the world. With highly nutritious leaves, as mentioned it provides significant amounts of beta-carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, protein, iron and potassium. Discover how you can benefit from Moringa Oleifera, and how to grow it if you decide to. Article Found on goodreads; Author Miracle Bible

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