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Best Marketing Consultant Agency in Atlanta, GA.

We are the best marketing consultant agency in Atlanta, GA. We focus on the best marketing strategy and resources to give your company exactly what it needs to grow exponentially.

It's every business owner's goal to expand their brand's products and/or services. The best way to the do that, is to invest in a marketing consultant agency that you can trust and understands this market and the evolving digital world we live in today.

You can most certainly do it yourself, however, it will take you longer to perform all of the task needed than a marketing expert whom understands how to handle every marketing task there is swiftly.

We are innovating. We aren't limited to just one method of branding and marketing your company. We offer a wide range of products, services and knowledge to take your business to the next level.

Why BG Promotions, Inc. as Your Marketing Consultant Agency.

My experience as a digital marketing influencer started over 12 years ago and I have grown to be an expert at for seeing companies grow rapidly and abundantly.

Working with one of my largest clients, Signature Contingent Management (SCM), for over 2 years, I've helped expand into 6 states, which includes, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, South Carolina and Texas. #SCM is a complete talent solutions company. Providing staffing, MSP Programs, and Vendor Management Services. Specializing in the temporary or permanent placement of Light Industrial, Call Center/Customer Service, Accounting & Finance, Engineering, Marketing, Administrative Support, Professional, Management and Medical. Looking for employment, visit

Working with another one of my brick and mortars, Crest Wine and Spirits, over 2 years ago, have become one of the largest package stores in the city of Conyers, GA. Owned by 3, Black Men, who got together with an idea that is now their reality. You must definitely take you a visit to their location and enjoy the great ole hospitality that you will receive when you visit.

My Team is amazing. You can't run a business without having a very strong foundation. Shouts out to my Life Influencer, Tisa Edge and my Production Team, Mark SQuared ATL Studios. I can't do it without them.

I've overseen many businesses over these last 2 years soar into greatness and continue to grow. That is why we are the best marketing consultant agency here in Atlanta, GA. We are here to see you fruition into much greater, abundantly.

You are welcome to join me for a discovery call, an opportunity to uncover goals and priorities and begin a rapport and trust amongst one another.

You're ready to get to the next level, set up your 1 hour online marketing consultation today!

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